Our Process

We have something that no other marketing organization has and it works every single time.

Our process is the life force behind why every client experiences an increase in business growth after becoming our partner.  We want to say that again, just in case it didn’t sink in.  Every client we have ever worked with has seen an increase in results.  You can too.  It’s not a crazy gimmick and it’s not magic.  It’s a carefully thought out process that we’ve spent the last 12 years perfecting.

Here’s why it works:

Our Process Is NOT Linear

If you were to outsource your web and online marketing to an agency, they would scope out the project, build a website and then spend the next few years sending traffic to it with a nice little report for you at the end of each month.  We believe that this is fundamentally wrong and the difference between our results and theirs proves it.  We get why they do it, but it’s for their own benefit and not yours.

Our Process Is A Cycle.  All Elements Work Together

We treat lead generation as a cycle.  We don’t break our work up into separate projects because that’s not going to help you.  Our process goes around and around in a circle because your website and marketing should work together as one initiative – not separate “projects”.  When one element gets improved, the others do too.  A change to one element results in a change to the others so that we’re consistent and smart from point A, all the way through and back around to point A.

We Don’t Guess, Period.

95% of the agencies out there can’t say that.  Most will tell you that they are using “best practices”.  We don’t work based on “best practices”, because those were written by marketers who wanted to sound clever.  Our experts are your customers; the real people that you’re trying to reach.

No one knows what will make them click, read, call, email or buy better than they do.  We study their behavior throughout our entire process using our incredible powerful analytics tools and experience and use their actions to make decisions.  If the blue button sells more products, the blue button sells more products.  There is no guess work in real data.  “Anything you say or do, can and will be used against you” applies to marketing too.

Not only does our marketing analytics strategy work, but one of our founders built similar strategies for  Coca Cola, Microsoft and Toyota.

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