Data is meaningless if you’re just looking at traffic and time on site.  We analyze key customer segments and find the holes your customer journey to get more people from A to Z.


Businesses are struggling to have a sound analytics implementation and setup the operations to maintain, report and act on their data.  JumpGroove helps take your team out of the “report monkey” phase and into the world of acting on your data.  Let’s stop talking about “Average Time on Site” and start talking about what makes Visitors become Customers.

We work closely with you to establish clear goals and objectives for your online activity.  Our team of experts use a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources and techniques to give you an accurate analysis of your business, customers and competition.  From those insights, we will present clear recommendations for changes or tests that you can act on to positively impact the customer journey and move the needle.


Analytics platforms supply you with a ton of data, but most of it is just wrapping paper.  We’ll ensure that you have a solid strategy in place to capture the right data to drive the insights you need to run the business more effectively.  We’ll help you see beyond vanity metrics and help identify and collect the KPIs that really make a difference.


Analytics fails to serve the business when analysts fail to ask the right questions of the data.  We’ll steer you away from “Average Time on Site” (which is useless) and in the direction of the types of analysis that really make a difference.  We’ll help you focus on the journey rather vanity metrics on a dashboard.  Together, we won’t worry about how many pages people looked at.  We’ll focus on whether the pages they chose to engage with resulted in the end goal that you and your potential customers are aiming for.


JumpGroove helps take you out of the “report monkey” phase and into the world of acting on your data.  Too many organizations spend their time building beautiful dashboards to inform their stakeholders, without digging into the positive and negative parts of their customer journey are.  While keeping your stakeholders informed on key high level metrics is important, it doesn’t take the place of action focused analysis and we’ll help get you there.